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BioDDryFlex® Resorbable Adhesion Barrier is a sterile, resorbable adhesion barrier allograft derived from the human amnion that provides a structural barrier to reduce scar tissue formation.


Product Features:

• Aids in tissue plane preservation by creating a physical barrier to reduce fibroblast infiltration
• Reduces epidural fibrosis at the surgical site
• Reduces the tethering of adhesions to the underlying tissue
• Reduces the potential for post-operative complications associated with scar tissue formation
• In the event a surgical revision is later required, should significantly reduce the operative time necessary to perform such surgery
• Provided dehydrated using our patent-pending DryFlex® processing technology to optimize the handling characteristics and maximize inherent qualities of the amnion tissue
• Terminally sterilized

Clinical Applications:

• Dura protection
• Interspinal muscle protection
• Laminectomy
• Craniotomy
• Nerve bundle protection
• Microdiscectomy
• Discectomy

Storage and Handling:

• Offered in several different sizes, which may be cut to size in the clinical setting
• Stored at room temperature and has a shelf life of 2 years
• Shelf life of two years
• No advance ordering or preparation is required

Product Catalog:

• DF-010152 – 1.5 x 2 cm2
• DF-010203 – 2 x 3 cm2
• DF-010206 – 2 x 6 cm2
• DF-010404 – 4 x 4 cm2
• DF-010408 – 4 x 8 cm2

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